Concrete Gnome Crew #2 - El Chopo (Psycho Gnome) - Ronzo
Ronzo (aka Vandal Extraordinaire) is a London based street artist re-known for his off-the-wall characters, paintings and street sculptures. His creations live in the streets and on walls everywhere in London and around the world.
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Concrete Gnome Crew #2 – El Chopo (Psycho Gnome)

Concrete Gnome Crew #2 – El Chopo (Psycho Gnome)

El Chopo is clearly not normal and proper dangerous at that.

Category: Psycho Gnome
Strength: Mad chopping skills | Weakness: Bad eyesight
Properties: 100% Concrete plus 100% Brain damage and an extra 100% Psycho

About the Concrete Gnome Crew:
The notorious ‘Concrete Gnome Crew’ are a band of misfits with serious attitude issues. The crew is formed of unique full body gnomes inhabiting a concrete cube. Each of them has their own features and special vibes. There are 6 (as in for now). These digital sculptures live on the blockchain. They are the crypto cousins of their real life counter parts the ‘Street Gnomes’, which can be spotted in the streets of London and around the world.

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