RONZO (aka Vandal Extraordinaire™) | ART
The art of Ronzo (Vandal Extraordinaire), London based street artist. His off-the-wall characters, paintings and street sculptures can be found around the world.
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Concrete Gnome Crew #1 – Kerby (Skate Gnome)

Concrete Gnome Crew #2 – El Chopo (Psycho Gnome)

Concrete Gnome Crew #3 – Ed van Tag (Vandal Gnome)

Concrete Gnome Crew #4 – Smash (Punk Gnome)

Concrete Gnome Crew #5 – Clobba (Hooligan Gnome)

Concrete Gnome Crew #6 – Beat Meister (Stereo Gnome)

Birdz – Concrete Pigeons

Street Gnome – Ed van Tag

Concrete Tags

Skatersaurus – Concrete

City of Ronzo Crest

Birdz – Matt Black – Streets

Birdz – Pigeons in Colour

Ants in the Ends – Street Pics

Skatersaurus – Matt Black

Birdz – Matt Black – MOAH

Ants in the Ends – SFWAM Edition

Skatersaurus (Massive)

All Good in the Wood – Mural

Battle of Fashion Street

Love / Hate

Beats Pills Characters

Fresh in Town

Tattooed Geishas

All Good in the Wood – Print


Pity of London

Sketch Book Selection

Rochios / WX

Crunchy – The Credit Crunch Monster

I Love Dalston

Olympic Bird

Vandal Baby

Derrick The Deathfin

Berlin Attack

Crunchy: Double Dip Edition

Robot Hamster

Mama Thai